Industrial - Industrial lifts

Elevation equipment for the most demanding industrial situations

Our ample experience and engineering allows us to adapt our standard lifts to our customer’s requirements. We offer durable and high-quality products, capable of withstanding the diverse conditions that the industrial environment produces.

GEI Series

Industrial lifts for personnel/material - JASO

The GMI series industrial lifts facilitate vertical transport of personnel and material in a variety of environments.

Capacity 500 to 2000 kg

Pax 6 to 25

Speed 25 to 60 m/min

GEI Series

GMI Series

Industrial lifts - hoists - JASO

The JASO hoists are designed to transport material safely and effectively.

Capacity 1500 kg


Speed 25 m/min

GMI Series

GPI Series

Industrial lifts - work platforms - JASO Elevation

We configure work platforms according to the customer’s and industry requirmenets.

Capacity 4550 kg

Pax 6

Speed 6 m/min

GPI Series