GPI Series

Industrial lifts - work platforms - JASO Elevation

The JASO work platforms makes work at height easier. They are reliable and efficient platforms, which reduces labor costs.

Thanks to its versatility, spaciousness, large variety of accessories, and extension system, the GPI Series adapts to the job requirements.

The sturdiness of its square section masts, platform modules made with high-quality and high-elasticity steel, and the construction of the drive units with floating plates contribute toward achieving a longer service life. We configure our work platforms according to our customer’s requirments and the needs of the specific industry.

We configure work platforms according to the requirements of the client and the needs of each industry.

Capacity 10031 lb (4550 kg)

Pax 6

Speed 6 m/min

GPI Series

Models Capacity Pax Speed Technical sheet
GPI40 10031 lb (4550 kg) 6 6 m/min Pdf