Construction - Construction lifts

The perfect partner for new construction and restoration.

JASO Elevation Systems offers a variety of products for any construction project, from work platforms to lifts for personnel and material.

All our construction lifts comply with the strictest international standards, as well as with all the current certifications. Safety, reliability, and durability are the attributes which define our products, offering your business the highest productivity.

GE Series

Lifts for personnel and material - GE Series - JASO

We design our personnel and material lifts to offer maximum safety while working at height.

Capacity 500 to 2000 kg

Pax 6 to 25

Speed 25 to 60 m/min

GE Series

GM Series

Hoists - GM Series - JASO Elevation Systems

Designed to vertically transport any type of work material safely and effectively, allowing maximum productivity.

Capacity 1500 kg


Speed 25 m/min

GM Series

GP Series

Work platforms - GP Series - JASO Elevation Systems

The platforms facilitate work at height. The GP Series is designed to be versatile and adaptable to any façade.

Capacity 850 to 4550 kg

Pax 4 to 6

Speed 6 m/min

GP Series