Maintenance in wind farms

With our preventive and corrective maintenance, the customer will achieve maximum performance throughout our lift’s service lives. Additionally, we design a maintenance plan for each lift to ensure the durability of the equipment and the protection of the workers. We carry out reviews and replacements of all parts, alongside meeting or exceeding the newest lift regulations.

Advantages of the wind farm maintenance service.

  • Maximum safety and protection of the workers
  • Adaptation to new standards
  • Long sustainability and durability over time
  • Maximum lift performance
  • Life plan of the lift
  • Spare parts

360º service

maintenance services

Life plan

We help you to achieve the longest life possible from your lift. The periodic inspections carried out by our technicians make that possible.


We implement the latest lift technology and ensure they comply with current regulations.


We carry an extensive parts inventory so we can offer immediate parts availability , to minimize down-time.


Our technical team will assist with your lift start up.

Training and certifications

We train and certify maintenance to maximize your up-time.

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