Contract wind farm maintenance

We offer various maintenance services tailored to your needs that will provide maximum performance of your lift.

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Wind Power - Wind turbine lifts

Leading lift with rack-and-pinion technology

We use the rack and pinion techonology in our design, manufacture, and installation of wind farm lifts . We created our GA lifts to meet the strict installation and maintenance needs of wind farms.Our lifts transports operators safely and efficiently . Our ergonometric design allows easy and quick personnel evacuation.

In addition to wind turbine lifts, we offer the GS assistants. This series may be used when the generator tower does not have a lift installed, and facilitates ascent and descent of personnel.

GA Series

Wind Power - GA Series - JASO Elevation Systems

The GA series is the most widely sold wind energy sector rack-and-pinion lift . The GA series meets the installation and maintenance needs of wind turbines.

Capacity 250 kg

Pax 2

Speed 22 m/min

GA Series

GS Series

Wind Power - GS Series - JASO Elevation Systems

The wire-guided ascent and descent facilitates operator wind turbine access while maximizing safety.

Capacity 50 kg

Pax 1

Speed Variable

GS Series